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Bâben Art Atelier is a place where different branches of art and different styles in these disciplines meet. Our team consists of highly colorful, energetic and award-winning artists who have proven themselves in their fields. Bâben family consists of marbling artists Funda Köz Demirçin and Hülya Küçükali Guruhan, ceramic artist Arzu Görücü, calligraphy artist Güngör Demirtutan and photographer-writer Ebru Durupınar. As Bâben Art Atelier in Balat, the most cosmic point of Istanbul, we started our work at full speed in order to produce art in a building with a rare history and to bring these artistic disciplines together with art lovers. As a gallery, Bâben's doors are open to all artists for exhibition. Bâben, which literally means the door opening to the sky, continues to attract the attention of art lovers with many different projects, seminars, workshops and exhibitions of our own artist and others. 

News from Bâben

Balat Street Photography Workshop 
with Ebru Durupınar
23.07.2022 between 10:00-17:00

Flowered Ebru workshop for our international guests

with Hülya Guruhan Küçükali

Wavy Ebru workshop
with Funda Köz Demirçin 

Bâben Art Atelier met with art lovers
through a magnificent opening...

Bâben Art Atelier experienced a great excitement of meeting art lovers on 27.03.2022. We would like to present our gratitude to all our friends and art lovers who honored our opening, which was crowned with a colorful and crowded audience.

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Bâben Art presents the door to the sky

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